Last night I watched an episode of New Girl entitled 'Fancy Man' and I was laughing so much and so loudly that my mom came to tell me to shshsh lol.Jess' style is so quirky and adorable that I knew I had to do a style inspiration gallery for her (see my gallery). While I was googling her outfits I discovered that a lot of her clothing was from Modcloth, an American online retailer based in Pittsburgh that specializes in  vintage-inspired and indie clothing. At the same time that I discovered Modcloth I discovered Polyvore (I am a bit delayed on that front, Suaad my sister-in-law has been telling me for months to check it out) and tada! I had myself a field day putting together looks from their range. And then I was sad. I wanted all the outfits lol,but none the less it was fun playing stylist for a bit.. Suaad said I should take my time when creating the collages because its a creative process but I was pulling items of clothing and pasting them onto the mood board as if they were on sale so in about an hour I created the following looks using clothing only from Modcloth:

6/14/2012 03:31:08 am

love these1 i want them


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