I woke up on Saturday very excited to use my new camera! Still in my pajamas i was outside snapping pics of birds, flowers, trees. Yay! Then I went with Neelam to Cavendish to do a little scouting on street style and what the stores have on offer. I spotted two girls who I thought had their own style and asked if I could photograph them and then bam! Every single picture came out blur no matter what setting I tried. When I got home Zayd compared it to Suaad's camera and the photo mine took wasn't just a bad photo it wasn't even a photo at all. We did some research on the net and read that other people had had the same issue, the camera couldn't take pictures indoors. And then we were sad. I decided I had no choice but to return it, the salesman was so shocked by the quality that he refunded me my money no questions asked.

Zayd sent me to Makro to buy a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W630, which none of the stores at Canal Walk sold and wow I couldn't be happier. It's stylish, the picture quality is great and the HD videos are amazing.

Lesson learned. When shopping don't be impulsive unless its a 50% sale then by all means shop away.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC W630

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