When I started this blog I wanted to do a review of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's fashion line The Row since they won the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) 2012 Womenswear Designer of the Year award, but I never ever got down to doing it. So in honour of their 26th birthday I shall forgo my afternoon nap and tell you my opinion about their award winning clothing.

I have to say when I first saw their Winter, Spring and Resort Collections I hated them. They were plain and dull and mainly black and white with a random colour thrown into the mix. I thought the collections were just plain weird. How on Earth could the 'Fashion Council' present them with their top award?? I thought the fact that I dont like the range must be the reason why I'm not on the council haha. There is one outfit from the Spring Collection that seriously looks like a a pair of Summer pajamas and gown and one from the Winter collection literally made me depressed just by looking at it. I wanted to tell the Olsen Twins that they could pack their clothing into boxes, load them onto a boat and send them far far away down the stream, never to be seen again.


The more I looked at the collections the more I liked them! Especially the Resort collection. I began to think how elegant and simple they were, in such a way that it said look at me without screaming in your face. Maybe The Row is like the misunderstood kid in the class, the more you spend time with them the more your realise the genius of it all.

The Row Winter 2012

The Row Spring 2012

The Row Resort 2012

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