Mothers' Day is fast approaching and like many I am sure you are blank with ideas on how to spoil your mom. Let me tell you that there are very few people who need spoiling before your mom because she would sacrifice and has sacrificed many things for you and you will always be put first. Like Kim Kallie said, "No one has your back like your mother does".

What will I be doing this Mothers' Day? Well, it is my birthday weekend as well so I will be spoiling my mommy and myself with tickets to Mom and Me at the Grand Cafe.

Mom and Me is the second collaboration of mother and daughter duo, Judy Page and Kim Kallie. The first was 24 years ago to be exact and Kallie knows this because she was pregnant with her son at the time. Meeting Page and Kallie at the Mom and Me media lunch I could tell that their relationship is a fun one. They both have a relaxed aura about them and are full of jokes and laughs. To quote Page on how she would describe their relationship, " We are very close, but sometimes Kallie is the mother" she laughs. Kallie's daughter agrees and says her mom is definitely the boss. This tells me that the dynamic between the two is an open one and that Page probably raised Kallie to have a voice and an opinion of her own and respects her as an adult and views her as an equal. This must be why they were able to work so well together and put together a show that attracted the likes of former Idols musical director Johan Laas to come on board.

The show is called Mom and Me, but it definitely doesn't have a soppy girly feel to it so mommy's boys please bring your mom as well. It uses family as a link, but is more of a musical celebration than a sentimental piece. The duo will perform everything from jazz to contemporary music and will transport you on a journey around the world with music from Spain, Amsterdam and Paris. Add in a touch of theatre about their mother-daughter relationship and you have an hour of non stop entertainment and I haven't even gotten to the dinner part of the evening.

Hosted at The Grand Cafe and Beach in Granger Bay means you'll be privy to their new Winter menu. The Grand as its name suggest is grand, from the decor to the staff to the food. A restaurant that many have tried to emulate, but have failed to replicate the unique vibe and service. 

Fish cakes, lemon aioli
Winter chopped salad (butternut, pumpkin seeds, feta)
Carrot and red lentil soup, garam masala
Braised beef 'pot au feu'
Linefish, wild fennel and ginger sauce (roasted vegetables and mashed potato)
Lime-chocolate tart, almond ice-cream

So this Mothers" Day you could buy your mom flowers or chocolates and spend a half hour or an hour with her before you return to your own life or you could really spend quality time with her and treat her to a dinner and show in the form of Mom and Me at the Grand Cafe in Granger Bay on the 10th, 11th and 12th of May. Oh, and please bring your dad along as well after all he was the one whose hand your mom was squeezing during labour haha. Bookings at: www.webtickets.co.za

Judy Page and Kim Kallie
Judy Page waring us that we are only allowed to take photos if they have make-up on. Hahaha.
The Grand Cafe and Beach in Granger Bay
We were treated to a delicious 3 course meal whilst we got to know the stars of Mom and Me.

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