Tie it up with a bow

Being a pre-school teacher I  feel that hair accessories are for little girls. I see them coming to school with their alice bands, cute pom-poms, clips and slides and bows and I think its just too adorable. For the longest time I've never worn hair accessories, the only time being when my hair was, for lack of a better phrase, dirty and I would tie it up with a pom-pom (elastic hair band), but now suddenly I was being inspired by little 4 year olds to give them a try. Out of all the different hair accessories that my munchkins wear, I fell in love with their bows. Bows are cute and cheeky and they give your outfit a playful look and can make even the most sexiest of vixens look sweet and innocent. So lets all put on our bows and go skipping through the park

Bow Hair Accessories from www.modcloth.com

 Let me fix your bow tie for you ;)

Bow ties have been uncool for years until now. I blame the Hipsters for bringing them back. The Hipsters like them because they are old fashioned, they come in many different designs (so as to demonstrate uniqueness) and they haven't been main stream. Its like this quote that I read, “The majority of men who wear bow ties do so because the majority of men do not." (unknown).
It takes confidence to wear a bow tie because while it is a new trend it is not as common as you might think. A bow tie says to a girl that the wearer is charming, adventurous, fun and a romantic gentleman. Wow, that's a lot for one small piece of cloth to say, but a bow tie definitely makes a statement and the pattern/design that a man chooses says even more about him. My sister use to say that she would judge a guy by the kind of shoes he wore, I say a simple glance at his bow tie and you'll know everything you need to know. Except of course if he is single, but fear not, all you need to do is walk over and say, "Here, let me fix your bow tie for you" an easy peasy way to strike up a conversation and to suss out whether he is available. Thank you Hipsters for making boys a little easier to figure out and to approach.
(Definition of a Hipster: Somebody who self-expresses in a way that doesn't fit into previously accepted social or subcultural categories.)


When I was in Turkey last year I discovered the 'Pussy Bow Blouse'. Until then I hadn't even heard a blouse being called that before. I was shopping when I found a white shirt with two pieces of material attached to it that you tie into a bow, I just thought,"Wow, what a fantastic shirt, got to have it". When I got home my sister-in-law said to me, "Ah, I see you bought yourself a Pussy Bow Blouse" and that's how I came to learn of this awesome item of clothing. Its chic and feminine and can add a soft touch to an edgy outfit. What I like the most about it is that it goes with everything. I wear mine with jeans, with shorts, with pants and with pencil skirts (which is a great look for the office). C'mon, tie that bow, take out those claws and lets take over this world. Meeeeeoooow!

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