Today it was storming! Half the school stayed absent and everyone was complaining about the rain. So it got me thinking:

Don't Let the Rain stop You
The rain is pouring
It pours down onto this Earth
Giving us all the gift of life
It nourishes the plants that give us oxygen
It fills our dams so that we may quench our thirst
It keeps us indoors so that we have time for reflection
And it rids this world of all the madness
With the promise of a clean fresh day that will follow

So why?
Tell me why?

                                                                                    Do you complain and cry out about the gloom
                                                                                   Just for today, even for the moment embrace this gift of life
                                                                                   And see through its disguise
                                                                                   Because tomorrow the sun will shine again
                                                                                   And you, you would have learned the lesson that only the rain can teach
                                                                                   By: Zaida Dawood

Yeah, life gets hard sometimes and it feels like one gloomy day after the next, but the troubles that we face make us stronger, makes us wiser and makes us appreciate the days when the sun does shine :). So if my poem isn't that good and you haven't figured out my message, the rain is a metaphor for our problems and the difficult things that we face and we shouldn't let them stop us, but rather learn from them and move forward. I think it might rain again tomorrow I hope you enjoy it, so what if your hair gets wet it'll remind you that you need to buy a beanie or a cute beret type beanie at the end of the month and shopping is always fun.

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